JBFC 2017 Summer Intern: Kristen

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For my final task as JBFC’s Social Media Intern, I could have written a blog describing the pictures captured, interviews conducted, crafts created, and videos shot. But, rather than reciting what I did this summer, I think a few words in particular highlight the people who impacted my life. Anyone could have taken pictures this summer, but not everyone could have made such a lasting impression on me. This is how I would express my thankfulness to the Bibi Mimi’s residential girls, Joseph and Mary students, Kitongo villagers, and JBFC staff:

Your Determination: Use it to keep making progress in school, chores, sports, hobbies, and jobs.

Your Confidence: Never stop speaking a second (third or fourth) language, dancing like nobody is watching, or sharing new ideas.

Your Forgiveness: Your ability to forgive others for not speaking your language, forgetting your name, or lacking knowledge about the Tanzanian culture is a breath of fresh air for others in an unfamiliar environment.

Your Curiosity: Never lose your child-like inquisitiveness that motivates you to learn, experience, and try new and different things.

Your Bravery: Listen to that little voice in your head that allows you to overcome the natural fear and anxiety when faced with something new or unknown.

Your Joy, Laughter, and Love: Boldly and frequently share it with everyone.

After four trips to JBFC, I still find it challenging to express what the genuine lifestyle, joyful people, playful afternoons, and meaningful mission mean to me. But, it is my hope that these words provided a broad glimpse into how my two months as the JBFC Social Media Intern impacted my life. These are the themes that I will hold with me and will continue to reflect on as I return to the US.

I am eternally grateful to the JBFC staff for entrusting me to capture this summer’s activities and memories. Even though it’s ironic, since I was the Social Media Intern, I am confident the relationships formed and memories made this summer will outlast any social media post. Here’s to another year of counting down the days until I’m back in my favorite place. Nakupenda sana, JBFC! (I love you very much, JBFC!)

Thank you, Kristen, for all of your hard work this summer!

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