JBFC 2017 Summer Intern: Abi

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For the past two months, I have had the pleasure of serving as JBFC’s Volunteer Intern. I had the unique opportunity to stay on JBFC’s Kitongo Campus for a full eight weeks. The most notable element of being an intern at JBFC is that I was not only gaining work experience, but I was also immersed in a different culture and given the opportunity to strengthen my relationships with the residential girls, staff, and students. You can’t say the same about many other internship opportunities!

As the Volunteer Intern, my day to day responsibilities revolved mostly around the guests’ schedules. JBFC hosted three school groups this summer and also the first ever Experience JBFC trip, so the staff was kept very busy. Many of the guests that come to campus do not realize how much behind the scenes planning and communication happens before, during, and after their trip to ensure that each and every guest has the most rewarding visit possible. It was so fun getting to witness first-hand all of the hard work the staff does on a daily basis and also help in many ways. One of the great things about being the Volunteer Intern is that I got to interact more closely with some of the guests. I worked closely with the guests during volunteer rotations, village walks, community service projects, and various other activities. It was so fun watching each guest that visited JBFC’s campus fall in love with this organization the same way that I have.

This was my second summer in a row visiting JBFC’s campus, and I am so beyond thankful that I was given the opportunity to return. These girls have become some of my dearest friends. I quickly learned that language and age barriers mean nothing when it comes to true friendship. I was only on campus for about two weeks last year, so being in Kitongo for longer this summer gave me the chance to really get to know each and every girl on a personal level. I became close with the matrons, the local managers, the teachers, and even a group of children from the local village. Saying goodbye to my JBFC family was absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I was able to experience so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. For instance, visiting the market in Mwanza, hiking to the highest point in Kitongo, seeing a Sukuma dancer performance, and going to an African Inland Church service. Even the little things, like seeing the Southern Cross every night, were just remarkable. I wouldn’t trade the experiences and friendships I have made for anything else in the world. Nakupenda Tanzania! (I love you, Tanzania!)

Thank you, Abi, for all of your hard work this summer!

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