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For most of us, there will be several times throughout our lives when we are witness to something that truly moves and inspires us. And while it is easy to think about or say you are going to do something to help change the world for the better, in reality, it’s often quite daunting to actually do it. Many of us think, “What sort of impact can I really have?” But the truth is – quite a lot. And that is just what two Tulsa teenagers are planning to do.

Robert and Thomas Sharpe have just completed the seventh grade at Holland Hall School in Tulsa, OK. What began several years ago as pen pal correspondences with students in Tanzania, turned into true friendships when those students, who had written letters that crossed thousands of miles, actually became classmates.

Robert and Thomas Sharpe (in blue and green) with Holland Hall classmates Paul, Danny, and Austin at Tanzanite Nights 2017.

Through their interactions with their new classmates, Robert and Thomas began to learn more and more about JBFC and its mission, and a passion for the organization was born. Inspired by their new Tanzanian classmates and what they had learned about JBFC, the ambitious twins decided to set a challenge for themselves that would ultimately benefit the organization they had come to care for so deeply. They decided first and foremost that they wanted to visit the campus they had heard so much about – to have the opportunity to meet more students and staff and learn about this community.

Then, the boys decided they wanted to raise money for JBFC. But, not just any amount would do. They decided to set their goal at $19,431. An odd number to most of us, but not to those who are familiar with Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,431 feet high, and after visiting JBFC this summer, Robert and Thomas intend to tackle the mountain with their parents, TomM and Jen, climbing that entire elevation themselves.

The Sharpe family at Tanzanite Nights 2017, pictured with JBFC residential girls, Leticia and Salome, and Holland Hall classmate, Paul

When asked what they were most looking forward to about their upcoming trip in July, Thomas Sharpe said, “I’m most looking forward to reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro after months of training and preparation. Knowing that we will have raised needed funds for JBFC will make the accomplishment unforgettable. I’m excited to get to the JBFC campus and experience it firsthand.”

Twin brother Robert said, “I can’t wait to to see the JBFC campus and meet all of the children. It will be fun to see where my Tanzanian friends grew up! I am passionate about JBFC because I know the impact it has on the lives of children there. I am also looking forward to seeing the plants and animals we will encounter on our climb.”

Regarding their lofty goal, their father TomM says, “I feel that the boys have set a big, audacious goal in trying to raise nearly $20,000 for JBFC. And I love it. I love the audacity in the pursuit of helping others. Big dreams and big thoughts stir big action. I couldn’t be more proud of them for pursuing this.”

Robert and Thomas are two perfect examples of people who were inspired to act, and now their story is inspiring others. “I hope that this story inspires anyone who hears of it to give in some way wherever they are, to whomever they can help,” says TomM. “Cheerful giving of all varieties feeds the soul and it creates positive ripples. The world needs more of that kind of uplifting.”

If you are inspired by the story of these two young men, and would like to do something similar on your own, please contact us at If you would be interested in learning more about the Sharpe’s goal, we invite you to visit their website at Two4Oneness.

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