1/2 K Race for the Future

Does the thought of running make your legs tired before you even start?

Do you love the idea of crossing the finish line of a race with a crowd cheering? 

Does getting up from the couch to get some chips normally count as your exercise for the day?

Well, we have the perfect “race”
for toddlers, the elderly and the chronically lazy.

Join Mainsprings in the 1/2 K “Race” for the Future…
where underachievers from across the city will gather together for an afternoon of fun, food, drinks, music, giant yard games, and a little bit of running (if you feel like it). The day will be an excuse to get a little bit of exercise, but most importantly, have some outrageous fun while supporting a great cause.






Regular “Runners”

The “race” will begin at 4:30 pm (check in 4 pm) at Manion Park in midtown Tulsa.

You and your fellow underachievers can sign up as individuals for $25 per person or $65 for a team of four.

Each “runner” will receive some awesome swag to take home and brag about this incredible undertaking, including, but not limited to:

  • A 1/2K “winner” medal,
  • A custom 1/2K Race for the Future koozie (to hold your rehydration substances), and
  • A pretentious “1/2K finisher” bumper sticker to advertise your laziness as you drive around town.

A rehydration station will be located at the 1/4K mark, where all thirsty “racers” will receive a free beer to carry them through the final 820 feet. Those underachievers under 21 years of age will have the opportunity to rehydrate with a refreshing sports drink.

Upon completion, we encourage all “racers” to visit the medic tent right away, where they can get a Hurts donut from the Hurts Whaaambulance, because we know you will be wanting to replenish your carbs and sugar after such an undertaking.

Don’t forget to visit the selfie station so you and your fellow “runners” can brag about your accomplishments all over social media.

Since we know you might not be ready to drive right after the “race”, there will be plenty to do while you recover.  DJ Connection Entertainment will provide music and entertainment, food trucks will be present for delicious eats, including Dave’s Smoke Shack, Linam Up Grill, and Kona Ice, and you can recover from the race while enjoying more drinks and yard games with your friends including giant Jenga, giant croquet and giant Kerplunk!  Sign up!

VIP “Runners”

If a 1/2K race sounds like too much of a hurdle, you just hate running, or you have absolutely nothing to prove, you can sign up for a VIP pass for the low, low price of $50 and know you’ll be part of the deluxe experience.

All VIP “racers” will receive all of the perks a normal participant will receive, but will also be transported across the course in our special VIP trailer, where you can enjoy an extra beer on your “run” and the luxury of starting the race before the rest.  After all, why bother with the actual “run” if you don’t have to, right?  Sign up!

The Couch Sitter Special

If you are unable to attend the “race”, you can sign up for the couch sitter package for just $30 per person. You will get all of the awesome perks of the “racers”, plus the unbeatable bragging rights that come with completing such an exhausting challenge, but you literally don’t have to do anything else.  All of these items will be delivered right to your house- you just have to find enough energy to get to your mailbox.  Sign up!

This may all seem a little silly, and we hope you appreciate the humor of our “under-achieving for good” race.  But the children we serve at Mainsprings are anything but under-achievers.  Many of the girls living in our home have overcome extremely difficult pasts.  Many of our students work exceedingly hard to stay in school, becoming the first in their families to ever achieve a high school education, or beyond.  Our work is serious, but we like to be silly too.  If you were to visit our campuses in Tanzania, you would see that they are filled with joy and laughter every day.  So we hope you will come catch some of this spirit and show up to celebrate the enormous victories of these children who each day overcome so much as they grow into the future leaders in Tanzania.

Learn more about what we do here!