Graduate Update – Kulwa (’16)

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This is a continuation of our series of blogs written by our graduates! These are all girls who had lived at Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home on our Kitongo campus, but who graduated from Joseph and Mary Secondary School (several of them among our first ever class of graduates), and are now in various higher education programs around Tanzania! We know that many of our supporters are interested in what these young women are up to these days, so we hope this provides some insight.

We asked the girls to not only update us on what they were studying, but, like any recent graduate, what some challenges were that they had faced since leaving our campus and how they have managed to cope with those challenges. We also asked them to pass on pieces of advice to their younger sisters!

“I am currently enrolled in Secretarial Studies at the Public Service College with Tabora College. I wanted to pursue higher education in order to make my dreams come true and to help people who are in need. I want to help improve the lives of other people. I would like to continue volunteering while I wait for my college certificate and then begin my Diploma program.

During my transition time, I was able to meet many different people who have different attitudes. I was able to volunteer teach at a national nursery school, and I also took a short VETA computer course in Mwanza. I am so happy that Mainsprings: JBFC has been helping to make my dreams come true by helping make higher education possible for me to become a powerful woman in the future.

The hardest part of living away from campus is meeting new people who have different behaviors. Starting a life away from campus was difficult, but after a while it became more simple. I really miss living as a family at Bibi Mimi’s – we did everything together as a family and that was very nice. I would like to advise my younger sisters at Bibi Mimi’s that they need to work hard, respect everyone (both older and younger), and to never give up!

Kulwa received her 1-year certificate program and is currently on the first year of a Diploma program in Tabora.

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