Graduate Update – Imelda (’15)

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This is a continuation of our series of blogs written by our graduates! These are all girls who had lived at Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home on our Kitongo campus, but who graduated from Joseph and Mary Secondary School (several of them among our first ever class of graduates), and are now in various higher education programs around Tanzania! We know that many of our supporters are interested in what these young women are up to these days, so we hope this provides some insight.

We asked the girls to not only update us on what they were studying, but, like any recent graduate, what some challenges were that they had faced since leaving our campus and how they have managed to cope with those challenges. We also asked them to pass on pieces of advice to their younger sisters!

“The higher education program that I am currently enrolled in is for a Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Mzumbe University in the Mbeya region. I wanted to be a lawyer so that I could know the regulations, justices, and rights of the people in society so that I can be able to help them in different legal problems through the provision of legal aid. I want to become a successful lawyer in order to act as a voice for others within society.

I am currently taking six classes for my law degree: Legal Methods, Legal Systems in East Africa, Criminal Law, Laws of Contact, Effective Legal Communication Skills, and an Introduction to Information Technology and System Organization.

The hardest part of leaving Mainsprings: JBFC was learning to live with different people who had different habits. During this time though, I spent my time volunteering in Arusha and Mwanza and schools, and I also gained new technology skills, like how to edit videos, make successful stories, and taking a short computer course.

The thing I miss most about the Mainsprings campus is living with my family and all the things we did together. I would like to tell my younger sisters that they have to study hard, pray hard, respect everyone (older or younger), and that they should never give up in their life.”

Imelda completed Form 5 and 6 at Kifaru Secondary School in Mwangal, Moshi. She is now enrolled in an undergraduate program at Mzumbe University in Mbeya, Tanzania to study law.

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