Graduate Update – Anna (’15)

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Over the next couple of months, we will be publishing blogs written by some of our graduate girls. These are all girls who had living at Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home on our Kitongo campus, but who graduated from Joseph and Mary Secondary School (several of them among our first ever class of graduates), and are now in various higher education programs around Tanzania! We know that many of our supporters are interested in what these young women are up to these days, so we hope this provides some insight.

We asked the girls to not only update us on what they were studying, but, like any recent graduate, what some challenges were that they had faced since leaving our campus and how they have managed to cope with those challenges. We also asked them to pass on pieces of advice to their younger sisters!

“My name is Anna and I am hoping to begin a Law degree at Tumaini University in Arusha later this month. While I was at Mainsprings, I learned how to write successful stories, edit movies and videos, and how to manage time and stress. I also learned many life skills, how to have confidence, and how to live with new people. I know that I will also learn many skills when I begin my Bachelor’s degree. I have chosen to study law because I really want to help people with different problems, especially children and women.

Some challenges I have faced since living away from the Mainsprings campus have been learning to cope with new environments – living with new people and also different weather conditions that I am not used to (colder weather). I really miss everyone on campus, especially playing games with the girls, having fun, gardening, and doing chores together.

To the girls at Bibi Mimi’s, I would advise them to keep studying and adding more effort to their performance at school so they can reach the level of education that I am about to begin. I would also tell them to respect their matrons, guardians, workers, and to care for and respect one another!”

After graduating in our first class in 2015, Anna went on to complete Form 5 and Form 6 at Chief Ihunyo Girls Secondary School in Butiama, where she focused on Language Arts. She has recently received admission to a couple of different universities!

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