Giving Tuesday

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After the feasting and the football, comes the dash for deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for their bargains, door-busters, and holiday must-haves. While many of you have seen the ads flooding your tv screens and email inboxes, you may not have heard of the day that follows.

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving — a day dedicated to giving back. It’s recognized around the globe and more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations participate. On this day, people all over the world take time to volunteer, advocate for a cause, and donate to worthy projects.

This Giving Tuesday, JBFC is calling on our supporters to help us raise $2,015 for textbooks.

But these aren’t any ordinary textbooks.

These are books for JBFC’s first graduating class.


In 2010, when JBFC’s Joseph & Mary Schools first opened its doors, we had only primary school students. The school has grown, adding secondary students in 2012, and running up quite a track record – a 100% pass rate on the Tanzanian national exam every single year. Quite a feat, considering the majority of students in Tanzania fail the exam.

In 2015, JBFC’s Joseph & Mary will enroll its first class of Form 4 students… the equivalent of a high school senior in the U.S. These 30 students have worked hard to get where they are. Many students in Tanzania don’t make it pass the 7th grade; many more fail the national exam when they’re in 9th grade (Form 2).

Our students are defying the odds. They passed the national exam, they’re still in school, and they’re looking ahead toward college and other higher learning. A particular point of pride for us at JBFC is that roughly half of our Class of 2015 seniors are young ladies. In Tanzania, that’s practically unheard of.

So, our students have the drive, the determination, and now they need the knowledge and the tools to take this next step. You could help make sure our Class of 2015 seniors make it to graduation day, by donating this Giving Tuesday.

$15 gives the Class of 2015 2 textbooks.
$45 buys 6 textbooks for a JBFC senior
$100 would provide 13 textbooks for JBFC’s first graduating class.

 If we work together, we can make sure that JBFC’s first graduating class has the best shot at finishing their secondary education. You can help make sure these students have a good education, a chance at college, a brighter future.

It’s a ripple effect that can change a village, a community, a nation… one high school graduate at a time.

Blogger, Ashli Sims, is JBFC’s Director of Development.

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