Giving Thanks

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Though Thanksgiving is a North American tradition, we at JBFC think taking time to stop and reflect on what we are grateful for is important regardless of regional boundaries. We are thankful for our healthy and happy children, our JBFC team, and our countless supporters around the world. You mean the world to us! 


“Firstly, I am thankful for my sponsor. Secondly, I am thankful for Massawe (Seth) for teaching me basketball this year! Third, I am thankful for all of my teachers – BIG THANKS!”

Veronica Lucas

“I am so thankful for my sponsors for helping me until I graduate Form 4. And I’m also thankful for Brunswick for putting solar electricity in our home.”

Neema Mathew

“I am thankful for my sponsors for paying for everything like my school fees and food.”


“Thank you to JBFC for taking care of me and everyone who has supported us. Thanks to everyone for keeping us from bad things.”


“I am thankful for surviving. But I am most thankful for having so many visitors this year and for my sponsors.”


“I am thankful to know a new game – basketball. I am also thankful for graduating Grade 7 and for passing my exam!”


“I am thankful to have learned a new game – basketball, and I am thankful to all my teachers for continuing to give me knowledge.”

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 
We are so thankful for YOU!

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