Fundraising Isn’t Just For Grown Ups

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Through Rites of Passage and Pajama Parties some young JBFC supporters are making a big impact.

For those who worry about the next generation, I only have to point to JBFC’s young supporters to prove that the world will be in good hands.
Hanrahan and Forst with JBFC students

One of JBFC’s most successful fundraising efforts this year has been spearheaded by a group of teenagers from Bronxville, New York. Brian Forst, Ellie Hanrahan and several of their classmates visited JBFC last summer. When they got back to the US, they were determined to help raise money to finish JBFC’s secondary school. They sold virtual bricks. And brick by brick, they’ve raise more than $38,000 to date.

Davis and Gardner walking with JBFC Student

These two Tulsa students, Tamarco Davis and Hogan Gardner, were also motivated to help by their visit to JBFC last year. Both are back on our Tanzania campus right now, helping to dedicate a soccer field they raised money to build.


Emma Goldberg, also from Tulsa, is barely a teenager. She just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this spring. And she asked all of her friends and family to help celebrate her rite of passage by giving money to JBFC. She’s raised a whopping $5,000 just by sending out a simple lavender card asking for their support.


And one of my favorite young fundraiser stories comes from Henry Weinberg, who’s also from New York. Henry wanted to raise money for JBFC, so he gave a speech about JBFC to the entire student body of 90 kids. He asked everybody to bring $5 to school the next Friday and wear their pajamas. The PJ Party packed in more than $200 in less than a day.

JBFC wants to thank all of these impressive young people and all of the others who do great things for our organization. We are blessed to have such committed and inventive supporters. This year, we’re really trying to galvanize the power of young people by launching an official JBFC Ambassadors program. If you want to help raise money for JBFC and spread the word on our mission, please click on the link and fill out an application.
We hope our young supporters will continue to do good works and show us adults how it’s done.
 Sims with JBFC Students Saleh & Eliza

Guest Blogger: Ashli Sims, JBFC Director of Development. Sims is a former television reporter who joined the JBFC Team in January of 2012.

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