First Impressions: JBFC’s Summer Interns

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Editor’s Note: JBFC welcomes guests throughout the year, but summer is our busiest time of year. And this year is our biggest year yet for college interns. We are hosting 8 college students on our campus in Tanzania this summer. 

From helping with school clubs to individualized education plans or IEPs to specialized projects, JBFC’s interns are contributing in various ways throughout our 70-acre campus. The following is a brief introduction of the interns who are new to JBFC and their first impressions of the campus. 

* Originally from NYC, now living in New Jersey
* Cornell University, Majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development

“It’s a beautiful campus full of smiling, friendly people that all seem very committed to the mission of the organization!

I was surprised by the complexity of the campus and the extent to which sustainability influences structures. I was not expecting to see English being used and taught all over campus, and I am excited to grow closer to the JBFC girls as I work closely with them in several projects!”


* Rochester Hills, MI
* Cornell University, Majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

“It is beautiful and the girls seem to love it here. The diversity of flora and fauna is stunning, as is the diversity and intellect among the girls.

 I’m surprised by the innovativeness of the campus (permaculture, solar power, gray water systems, etc.). I did not expect to have the great, mutually beneficial conversations with students and teachers that I’ve had. I’m most excited about leading a Nature Lab Club and creating the seminar for teachers.”

* New York City
* Cornell University, Majoring in English, Minoring in Spanish and African Studies

“The JBFC campus has beautiful surroundings and is full of enthusiastic kids, dedicated staff, and carries a strong mission and vision.

I’ve been most surprised by the mostly Tanzanian employees (which is great), the extreme heat, and all of the livestock on the farm! I am excited to learn about new cultures and see more of Africa.”

* Fairfax, Virginia
* Cornell University, Majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development with a Minor in Education.
“My first impression of the campus is that it is very welcoming and hospitable. There’s a close-knit community and I am happy and excited to be here!

I’m really surprised by the campus layout – I expected it to be much smaller and closed off to outsiders. I did not expect such interconnections between JBFC’s four mission areas – refuge, education, agriculture, and healthcare. I look forward to experimenting with new crops and techniques in the garden.”


* Ithaca, NY
* Cornell University, Majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Science
“I’m impressed by how open and beautiful the campus is, and very surprised at how close it is to Lake Victoria. Everything is a little more scheduled than I expected, but I’m excited about getting to know everyone so they they feel comfortable around me.”

* Ethiopia
* Cornell University, Majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development
“It is absolutely beautiful here. I was surprised by how well-integrated the campus is with the local village. The entire campus is a lot more rural than I had expected, which makes its presence in the area a lot more influential. I am most excited about making an actual impact here.”

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