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Traveling to our campus is often a life-changing experience for our volunteers.  You can check our updates on Facebook and read the blogs about the events on campus, even start to recognize some of the girls, but seeing it for yourself is an entirely different experience.  This year we have welcomed 150 volunteers to our campus. For many individuals though, the thought of traveling to rural Africa alone is a little daunting. 
That’s why I am so excited that we are trying something new in 2017.  We’ll be offering three Experience JBFC Trips, unique opportunities to see the campus for yourself.  Participants will travel with a JBFC staff person from the U.S. with a small group of other JBFC supporters and spend 10 days exploring our campus and volunteering.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to get to know the girls, read with a reading buddy for most days of the trip, serve in our dining hall and on our farm, and experience all that JBFC has to offer.  JBFC staff will share about the opportunities and challenges that the organization is facing, as well as some of the exciting programs and innovations we are working on. 

No trip to Tanzania would be complete without seeing the Serengeti first hand.  Volunteers can go on a one-day safari from JBFC’s campus during their stay, or stay a few days longer and dive into all the Serengeti has to offer. 

These trips are open to individuals, families and even high school students.  It’s the perfect chance to take that trip to Africa you’ve always been thinking about, or to get a chance to meet the girl you sponsor in person.  Since you’ll be traveling with our staff, you won’t have to worry about any of the details of getting there, and you can start enjoying your trip right away. 

Trips will take place in February, May and July of 2017 and spaces are limited.  If you’re interested, I’d love to talk with you more about this opportunity and help you get signed up for this incredible adventure.  We truly hope everyone can have a chance to experience JBFC for themselves, and would love to have you part of these first few trips!
Guest Blogger, Diana Booren, is JBFC’s Volunteer Coordinator. If you are interested in going on an Experience JBFC Trip in 2017, please contact her at: dbooren@jbfc-online.org

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