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This summer, the Kitongo campus welcomed its first ever Experience JBFC group. Experience JBFC was led by JBFC’s Founder and CEO, Chris Gates. Having Chris on the trip provided a unique learning experience for the group. It was most of the volunteers’ first time on campus, and they were eager to learn about Tanzanian customs, the history of JBFC, and the ins and outs of running a nonprofit.

The group had a bit of a hectic start that ended up landing them on campus half a day late, but the hiccup in their itinerary didn’t faze anyone in the group. Laurel, one of the returning volunteers, says “I’m forever in awe of the love and kindness the people at JBFC have to give. It’s become a second home to me in such a short amount of time. Every time I leave, I start counting down the days until I’m back. It’s such a special place.” The girls were eager to greet the group, even though they were at school when they arrived. The group was welcomed by a line of students in front of the dining hall, waving and cheering.

Chris proved his ability to fill many roles with grace and charisma during Experience JBFC’s stay on campus. He turned each activity into a learning experience, whether it was volunteer rotations, village walk, or just a simple campfire outside the guest house. Experience participant Ellie, commented on her new insight, saying “JBFC has opened my eyes to a new part of the world in the best way.”

Like nearly every other volunteer who visits JBFC’s campus, the Experience JBFC group left fulfilled and changed in a way that many of them didn’t expect. After Experience participant Elle returned home, she reflected on her favorite parts of the trip and stated that it was simple “seeing how excited the kids would be if we just smiled at them, and how joyful they are about everything.” Fellow volunteer, Abi, agreed, “It was the trip of a lifetime that completely changed my life and left me with many new best friends.” Having Chris and the Experience JBFC group on campus was such a fun way to end the summer and we can’t wait to see future Experience JBFC groups fall in love with JBFC as well!

If you are interested in joining an Experience JBFC trip next year, we have three opportunities available for you! These trips are for individuals, families, and students, and will be guided by a JBFC staff member.

2018 Trip Dates: June 20-July 1, July 18-July 29, December (TBD).

For more information, please email: info@jbfc-online.org

**Students interested in participating in an Experience JBFC trip will need to fill out an application. Please click here. Space is very limited.

Guest Blogger, Abi, served as our 2017 Assistant Volunteer Coordinator.

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