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Editor’s Note: Completing the three-part series of what JBFC’s Executive Assistant, US Expansion Coordinator, and Founder and CEO found most exciting on their trip to Tanzania last month, Chris Gates discusses a visit to the site of JBFC’s second campus. 

Right now, it’s a blank piece of land. There are a few small trees, mounds of rocks, and some “key lines” which lay the framework for our permaculture farm. But, even though it may seem like nothing right now, for me, it is one of the most exciting things happening at JBFC right now. In a little area called Kahunda, in the district of Buchosa, lies the site for JBFC’s second campus.

This year, JBFC is breaking ground on our second campus after several years of planning. As we were driving through the villages leading up to the site, I couldn’t help but think back to when our Kitongo campus was just a blank piece of land. High grasses and tons of bushes, no roads, no buildings. But, just a little more than a decade later, there are dozens of buildings and the JBFC-Kitongo campus serves as a hub for an entire area. Hundreds of children and staff come in and out of the campus day in and day out, there is a nice road that leads all the way to the village center, and the houses in the area have seen a massive transformation, as well. What was once an area that had predominately grass roofs is littered with tin roofs and more solid structures- a major improvement in the livelihoods for our families.

And, that is the same change that is going to be taking place in this new area. While we were at the new site, we took measurements for a new bridge so that in the future, a road that was once impassable in rains will always be usable for farmers wanting to take their crops to market and mothers wanting to get their sick children to a hospital. We were able to plan out what trees and livestock we want on this site, so it can be profitable for our organization while also serving as a living classroom for our neighboring farmers. And, we were able to talk to a couple of villagers about their excitement for a school, closer access to healthcare, and a partner who could help their entire community. It was inspiring and got me excited for the next phase of our organization.

Of course, it is always exhilarating to see our students, staff and residential girls when we visit Tanzania, but now, we know that the type of successes they see regularly at Kitongo are going to be possible for hundreds more children and families in Kahunda!

We are excited to unveil our plans for our second campus at this year’s Spring fundraiser. There is still time to purchase tickets for this special event.

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Chris Gates is JBFC’s Founder and CEO

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