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JBFC started ten years ago with a mission to provide refuge for abused and abandoned girls. Over the last decade we have grown into a more holistic organization, not only providing refuge, but education, access to healthcare and economic development through agriculture.

While our mission has grown, we remain true to our roots. We believe empowering women and young girls is a key factor in fighting poverty. This week, JBFC took another step towards making sure young girls in rural Tanzania have the opportunity for a better life.

JBFC’s social worker partnered with the Kitongo village government to give girls who want to learn a place in our school. The admission team worked to identify the neediest girls in our community, who were either attending school intermittently or not at all, because their families couldn’t afford it.

These five girls are the most recent additions to the Joseph & Mary School student body.

6-year-old Gaudensia will be entering pre-school, joining seven of her relatives. She lives with her grandmother and 13 others. Resources at home are tight. But now that she’s enrolled at Joseph & Mary Schools, she’s not only going to receive an education, but two farm-fresh meals a day.

10-year-old triplets, Kulwa, Dotto, and Shidja, will be entering first grade. They’ve missed a lot of school, trying to help their grandmother run their family farm. The girls will be able to take some of the lessons they learn about permaculture to improve life at home.


11-year-old Mwashi will be entering the third grade. Her older brother Peter already attends JBFC’s Joseph & Mary Schools. JBFC worked with the family to make sure their daughters, as well as
their sons have a chance at a better life through education.

All five girls are on scholarship to attend the school. To keep their scholarships, they will have to maintain good attendance, good behavior and good grades. All Joseph & Mary students receive a school uniform, two meals a day, and school supplies.

You can help provide an education for these girls and our other scholarship students, by becoming a sponsor.  Click here to sponsor a scholarship student

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