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Kahunda- Our second campus is off to the races!

Thanks to some very generous supporters at 200 Orphanages and then the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, among many other personal supporters, our second campus is well on its way to getting off the ground! Here are some of the areas our campus has progressed in just the past few weeks and months…


As you may have seen on Monday, we have officially broken ground on our very first dorm block. This building is set to be completed in the next two months, followed by our home dining hall, which will be the start to our girls’ home! Much like our first campus, this dorm block will house two individual apartments, each capable of housing 8 girls with a matron to look after them.

Now, we love all of our residential girls at Mainsprings, but we are particularly excited about starting fresh at this new site, because we are planning to accept girls between the ages of 4-6. We look forward to later this year when we will be able to share these adorable little faces with all of you as we welcome them home and they begin to experience what it means to be a part of a family, and what it means to have a childhood again!




Thanks to some very generous donors out of New York, we were able to build our “chicken mansion”. Currently in the finishing stages, this two-story building will be able to house more than 2,000 chickens for both meat and eggs. With sustainability at the heart of everything we want to do at Mainsprings, we are excited that this project will be running and profitable before the rest of our campus expands and we add more and more students and staff!



As with the chicken coop, we were intentional about the design of our campus and wanted our permaculture farm to be at the center of its design. This means that we have already planted thousands of trees for various purposes from food to wood, as well as lots and lots of crops. Since our team is still small(ish) in Kahunda, much of the excess produce is currently being sent to our first campus in Kitongo, but we know that all of this production, from the cassava, to bananas, to potatoes, to various other veggies, will mean that from the very beginning, our residential girls, students and staff will have well-balanced, nutritious meals directly from our farm- not only improving the overall health of our campus, but also helping to cut the cost of feeding so many hungry mouths!

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