Be part of one of our current projects!

Mainsprings Cookbook

Experience the Taste of Tanzania! This cookbook, created by Mainsprings, was inspired by the bold flavors of Tanzanian dishes and the savory home-cooking of family who are at the core of this organization.  In this cookbook you will not only find recipes straight from Tanzania–including some recipes from our girls–but also background stories of how this organization began to where it is now with recipes from the family of CEO and Founder Chris Gates. There are over 150 pages filled with 125 recipes that will be sure to give you a brand new experience.  Purchase here!

Bronxville Brick by Brick

The Bronxville Mainpsrings Ambassadors are raising money for the Early Childhood Center at Kahunda one brick at a time!  Buy a virtual brick to help complete the center and create a place for learning, imagination and hope for our youngest students in Kahunda.  Buy a brick!

Developing Mushrooms for Kahunda

Our goal is to fundraise $15,000 to outfit two containers to grow oyster mushrooms that will be insulated using local materials and cooled using solar and geothermal cooling systems- all natural! This project will be big enough to produce more than 1,300 pounds of mushrooms annually… that’s a lot of mushrooms. The mushrooms will be able to provide an incredible source of nutrition for the girls, students and staff that eat their meals on the campus every day, and the excess will be an excellent cash crop to sell in the city, where mushrooms fetch a hefty price. This will not only improve the nutritional value of the meals provided on the Mainsprings second campus, but will also help to provide a source of income for the organization to assist with its sustainability goals.  Join this project!

Block by Block

Mainsprings has long partnered with Sarah Lawrence College. Two of their teachers, Debi and Tricia, visited our campus and school last January where they worked in our Early Childhood classrooms and held workshops for our teachers.  Debi and Tricia were determined to get blocks into each of the early childhood classrooms because unit blocks are not only a great tool for learning math and science concepts, but also promote problem solving, imagination, self-expression, creativity, negotiating skills, and language and literacy.   Our goal is to raise $3,000 to employ local carpenters make blocks for our early childhood classrooms! Help us!