Cookies & Books: A Sweet Combination

December 13, 2012 10:54 pm Published by

This holiday season, you can help turn sweet treats into brain food.

93 Million cookies away, JBFC has a beautiful, brand-new library, but our hand-crafted shelves stand empty.

That’s why JBFC is launching a Book by Book campaign to fill those shelves with 2,500 booksWe’d like to raise $25,000 by May 30th, 2013 when we can have a grand opening for our new lending library. 

Students and local villagers will be able to check out books and expand their minds. This project will not only share the joy of reading with our 300 school children, but this could also help us impact illiteracy in a country where only 68% of the population can read.

Our friends at Eleni’s Cookies heard about our mission and decided to lend a bakind hand. They have custom-designed a line of beautiful cookies for JBFC. The cookies feature JBFC girl, Reka, taking a stand against poverty and designs patterned after African Kanga cloth.

20% of the profits from the JBFC cookie boxes will go directly to help stock our new library. So check another name off your Christmas list and give the gift of literacy to a young child in Tanzania all at the same time. Click here to place your order online or via the Cookie Concierge at 1.888.435.3647. First available ship date is Monday, December 17th.

With your help, cookie by cookie and book by book, we can change the world.

Happy Holidays!

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