Congratulations, 7th Graders!

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Editor’s Note: JBFC is celebrating its 6th class of primary school graduates. More than two dozen 7th graders graduated last Friday, including five of JBFC’s residential girls. Hundreds gathered to celebrate the students’ achievement. Here’s some of the highlights of the day from JBFC staff and girls.

“This is my favorite time of year. The Guest of Honor who came for the government gave an
important speech to our graduates concerning our school and JBFC at large. He promised to assist us in anything we need from the government- especially registering VETA when we are ready and other areas concerning education [he is the overall school inspector for our district]. Parents and graduates were very happy because the ceremony was wonderful and the school provided food, drinks, caps and gowns. The entertainment was wonderful also from students and the graduates really enjoyed. The graduates promised to do well in the future and promised that their results would make us proud.”
-Fred, grade 7 class teacher and Head Teacher

“My Favorite part of graduation was getting the certificate. Also, the Guest of Honor was great, because he gave us a lot of character advice. Also I liked getting a gift from my mom- I was happy she came. I can’t wait to start new subjects in Form 1.”
-Pendo, 7th Grade Graduate

“My favorite thing at graduation was the way the teachers all organized their dress and surprised everyone. The music was also amazing- especially the “Glee Girls” (JBFC girls singing group). I’m excited to have new teachers next year and, of course, I will pass the exam!”
-Nyamisi, 7th Grade Graduate

“My favorite thing was singing by all the entertainers. The best group was the JBFC Girls Group (Glee Group). The leaders from the government was good and it was nice to have them there, especially the Guest of Honor. I was also really happy to get a football certificate. My advice to next year’s group is to work hard from now on, so they can do well.”
-Neema, 7th Grade Graduate

“My favorite thing was the way the teachers dressed. They were beautiful. Also, I was surprised at how many people came- there were so many! The music and entertainment was really fun. I am excited for form one for new teachers like Kidapanda and Boniface.”
-Rahema, 7th Grade Graduate

“My favorite part of graduation was getting certificates- I got five! I got one for best in science subjects, best overall academics, sports (football), leadership, and my diploma. The Guest of Honor was also great and said lots of good things about JBFC. The Glee Girls, Happy’s group, sang amazing. To next year’s group- study hard and achieve your goals!”
-Laurencia, 7th Grade Graduate

“As an administrator, I am extremely proud of how our teachers, staff, community, government
officials, and JBFC girls came together to honor and celebrate the achievements of our 7th graders and their families. Changing hats for a minute and thinking about how proud our five JBFC daughters were to finish 7th grade, get their diplomas, and receive various awards was  something that our entire JBFC family should appreciate for a moment. To Pendo, who struggled this year, but eventually excelled with a little extra support, to Lau who received five certificates ranging from athletics, to academics, to leadership, to Neema, Nyamisi, and Rahema, who are all leaders in and out of the classroom, your JBFC family is proud of you and we can’t wait to see all of your future successes!”
-Seth Diemond, JBFC COO in Tanzania

“The 7th grade graduation ceremony was wonderful this year. I am really proud of how hard our staff and students worked to make it all come together. I am extremely proud of our 7th grade girls’ accomplishments and look forward to seeing them shine in Secondary School. My favorite part of the day was realizing all of our teachers had secretly arranged for matching outfits. We’ve worked really hard this year to build a stronger camaraderie between our primary and secondary staff as well as between all of our students and all of our teaching staff. It felt really good to see all of our teachers from both schools celebrating the accomplishments of our 7th grade class, together, as one.”

-Melinda Wulf, JBFC Administrative Director

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