Children of Africa Day

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Watoto wa Africa or Children of Africa Day is June 16th. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated throughout the continent of Africa and is a truly special time of year at JBFC.

The holiday’s history is really about raising awareness about the plight of children. On June 16th, 1976, hundreds of South Africans marched and died trying to get better education for their children. In honor of their struggle, June 16th has become known as Children of Africa Day.

At JBFC, the holiday is one big party. Many of our girls don’t know their birthdates. So, Children of Africa Day is the day we celebrate everyone’s birthdays as a family.

The day is filled with singing and dancing, games and presents, and culminating in a gigantic water slide and massive water balloon fight. And it’s become one of the favorite days on JBFC’s campus for guests.

Here’s what they’ve had to say about the holiday over the years:

“My most memorable experience was on Watoto Africa when we had a water fight. It was so fun to see how much the girls were enjoying it. I loved being a part of something so fun for them.”

“My favorite day was Children of Africa day. Just having little fun things to give to the girls and watching them sing and dance was so fun. The food was also muy bueno.”

“I loved Watoto Africa. It was so fun to see all the girls dressed up and they all enjoyed the party.”

“Children of Africa Day: a genuine experience to spend time with the girls and celebrate. It warmed my heart to sing and dance with them and watch them open presents. It was a great bonding opportunity that I won’t forget.”

Children of Africa Day is a celebration. A celebration of the family JBFC has created, the childhoods restored, and the chances for brighter futures that these girls have thanks to our friends and supporters.

If you’d like to wish a JBFC girl happy birthday, click here to join the celebration.

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