Children of Africa Day is This Week!

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JBFC is one big family. And for many families, birthdays are special occasions. And JBFC is no exception. Our family birthday parties are a lot bigger.

We’re now home to 49 girls, which means we have 49 birthdays to celebrate. At JBFC, we celebrate all of our girls’ birthdays on Children of Africa Day.

Children of Africa Day or Watoto wa Africa is June 16th. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated throughout the continent of Africa.The holiday’s history is really about raising awareness about the plight of children. On June 16th, 1976, hundreds of South Africans marched and died trying to get better education for their children. In honor of their struggle, June 16th has become known as Children of Africa Day.

At JBFC, the holiday is one big party.

The day is filled with singing and dancing, games and presents, and a chance for children who’ve been dealt a rough break in life a chance to just be children.

But this is also a day to reflect on our girls growing a year older and to see how far they’ve come. It’s because of our family of JBFC supporters that our girls are able to enjoy a fun-filled day, instead of worrying how they’re going to make it from one day to the next.

We never forget that the smiles on these girls’ faces wouldn’t be possible without you. You can help us continue to make sure these children grow up healthy, strong and with a chance for a good future. If you would like to help wish our girls a happy birthday, please support JBFC’s Children of Africa Day campaign.

We’ll have more details on how JBFC celebrates Children of Africa Day later this week… stay tuned.

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