Changemaker families are at the heart of Mainsprings’ commitment to end the cycle of generational poverty.

Who are CHangemakers?

Changemakers are families with young children who are facing hunger and extreme poverty and are ready to take hold of opportunity. They partner with Mainsprings and one another to pursue education and restorative agriculture. Over the course of one to three years, with the right supports and hard work, participating families emerge from poverty and lift up their broader communities.

How we find the right families?

First, local chiefs and community leaders nominate potential “Changemakers.” Then, Mainsprings staff fan out to meet with nominated families in their homes. We use simple, respectful, statistically sound tools to confirm their level of poverty and food insecurity. We then tell families about the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a Changemaker. Those who qualify and want to accept must be prepared to commit to training and education, adopting new farming practices, giving back to Mainsprings, and engaging in a whole-hearted effort to lift their own families and others out of poverty.

Mainsprings supports Changemakers by offering complete scholarships for the full K-12 Mainsprings education to one child from each family, free health care for up to five members of the family, and the skills, seeds, and access to markets needed to increase their harvests and their income.

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