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Editor’s Note: The Office of Student Development at JBFC’s Joseph and Mary School hosted its first ever Career Day for all our secondary school students. Based on a survey they gave to all secondary students to identify the careers that the students were most curious about, the Office of Student Development invited an engineer (Ms. Neema Mosha), an accountant/business woman (Ms. Ester Jackson), and the Director of the Bugando College of Nursing (Mr. Kija Malale), to speak to the secondary students. Joseph and Mary School students Leticia and Athumani presented certificates to the guests at the end of their presentations. This blog has been edited slightly by the JBFC administration from Leticia’s writings about this experience.

Careers are the goals and ambitions that one has to reach or fulfill in their life.

From the program that has recently been conducted at our school (Career Day) – where they bring people with different careers – they helped students explain about their careers, how they reached the top, and what we should do to reach there. Our speakers to the program were of different careers; we had a businesswomen/accountant, an engineer, and a doctor.

All of the speakers taught us and advised us very well, but the one I liked the most was the business women because she started by giving us a real example about her life, how she has been experiencing different things and how she copes with the challenges that she does meet when doing her business. Although she has had many troubles, she never once thought of backing down. She still moves on and her dream is to be the most famous business lady in the world. This is the thing that inspired me the most because my dream is to be a business woman.

I learned different things from those three professionals. First, I learned to never give up – when you start something, always do it until the end and don’t [back] away from it. Second, I learned when you do things by specific plans and goals like when you really want to reach something just go for it. When it is your destiny to finish an activity, don’t worry about people’s words and how they want to fight you from reaching your specific goals. Another thing I learned from them is not to follow others/have peer pressure. For example, don’t always listen to what your friends are telling you and follow it. Also, I learned that with specific goals you have to have a good attitude too. You have to be confident, a great leader, and believe in yourself. Lastly, when you want to be somebody, you have to do and practice that thing whenever you have time.

This program was important because it is helping all the students understand in their future careers what they really have to do and learn to reach where others are now. The speakers are helping us to understand ourselves better and what careers we are trying to be in. It is also giving us some experiences on how to do our careers in the future life. It is really encouraging for us to be like they are because when we see them and how they are, we really are jealous. This makes one struggle even more to reach to the peak as that person who is already a professional.

Guest Blogger, Leticia, is a Form 2 student at Joseph and Mary Secondary School and a JBFC Residential Girl. She is a member of the JBFC Football club, Girls Government, and is currently ranked 1st in her class.

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