Career Day Inspirations #2

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Before the end of school, we had our second Career Day of the year for the students of Joseph and Mary Schools. We are using these Career Days as opportunities for our students to gain exposure to a variety of careers and learn more about how to go about achieving their goals.

For our second Career Day, we were lucky enough to have three female professionals join us, (from left to right) Ms. Nyamumi George (an accountant), Ms. Vick Majembe (a lawyer), and Ms. Loyce Masogo (a cotton-machinist).

The guests were chosen based on a survey conducted earlier in the year gauging interest in particular careers. Between both Career Days, 5 of the 6 speakers were female, often representing male dominated fields.

The students loved Career Day so much it went on two hours longer than planned! The kids asked tons of questions and were extremely interested in what the speakers had to say. I asked a few of our students what they thought about Career Day.

One of our Secondary students said that Career Day changed his future because he didn’t even know about accountants and now wants to be either an accountant or an engineer. The key message another student took away from the day was to have discipline and respect and believe in yourself because anything is possible.

Maggie, one of our standout students and residential girls, said she learned that the good things we see from people are not attained easily, but through hard work. No matter what kind of job you want, you must work hard.

Seth, the COO in Tanzania, loves career day Career Day because it exposes our secondary students to careers they may be interested in but don’t know much about. It also gives them real life role models that could prove to be invaluable contacts or opportunities in the future.

For me, I think it is important to expose all of our students, both boys and girls, to female professionals in a variety of careers. I think it is also great that our girls are able to look up to female role models from their own communities.

We look forward to adding more Career Days to the school schedule in 2017, exposing our students to even more career choices.

Guest blogger, Melinda Wulf, is JBFC’s Administrative Director. 

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