Campus Hubs

Mainsprings has two campuses in the Lake Victoria region of Tanzania. Our Kitongo campus shows what is possible while our Kahunda campus shows it is replicable.

Kitongo Campus

The Kitongo campus was established in 2006 and demonstrates the power of our direct service model in full flower. The Kitongo campus with 80+ acres includes a primary and a secondary school, an extensive restorative

agriculture farm, a fully staffed clinic and dispensary, playing fields, livestock spaces, and facilities for hosting trainings and visitors.

Kahunda Campus

Our Kahunda campus was established in 2017 and adds a new cohort of students and Changemaker families each year.

But for both campuses, direct service is only the beginning. Our vision is for Kitongo and Kahunda to serve as regional hubs where educators and social change makers from other communities come, find inspiration, gain first-hand experience, and implement what they learn in their own communities. Already, Kitongo is serving as a training hub for NGO leaders across East Africa leaders who want to gain hands-on skills in restorative agriculture. And staff at both campuses have identified local government school leaders who are eager to adopt elements of the Mainsprings model.

We expect to launch our “replication through partnership” model together with government schools and families in 2025.

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