Campus Director: Kahunda Job Description

We are hiring a Campus Director! 

About Mainsprings: JBFC: 

Mainsprings: The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC) is a non-profit/NGO based in the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. We work to alleviate extreme rural poverty in two communities through refuge, education, agriculture and healthcare on our two holistic-care campuses. We provide refuge to over 50 girls who have been living in poverty, abandoned or abused. We provide an affordable English Medium Education to nearly 400 students at our Joseph and Mary Primary and Secondary Schools. We have a farm that employs many from our neighboring village and feeds our staff, students and residential girls daily. We also seek to provide healthcare and healthcare education to our staff, students and neighboring village. 

We currently employ over 70 East African citizens which we expect to grow as we continue to develop our 2nd campus in a separate rural location, also in the Mwanza Region. We maintain a restaurant and lodge on our primary campus and are in the process of opening a VETA program to provide further education in the hotel and food management industry. 

About the role: 

We are hiring a Campus Director to lead our Kahunda Campus, oversee day to day operations, and supervise, implement and introduce programs in our education, refuge, agriculture and healthcare departments. 

The Campus Director will be primarily responsible for overseeing the Kahunda campus residential girls’ program, primary and secondary schools, permaculture farm and healthcare clinic. He/she will work closely with the Country Director, Administrative Director, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, the Kitongo Campus Director and Kahunda campus management team. 

Your responsibilities will include: 

Campus Management and Development 

  • • Ensure the health and safety of children, staff and visitors. 
  • • Ensure that the campus has the appropriate supplies and needs at all times. 
  • • Act as the first responder to any emergencies or issues that arise on the Kahunda campus. 
  • • Work with the government to facilitate healthy community relations. 
  • • Be the representative and face of the organization to the community and other partners. 
  • • Supervise the construction and infrastructure development on the growing Kahunda campus. 

Human Resource Management 

  • • Supervise the Kahunda management team to ensure that all programs and activities are meeting their targets. Attend weekly staff meetings and conduct individual meetings. 
  • • First responder to HR issues from staff on the campus. Liaise with the Country Director and Administrative Director over staff disputes. 
  • • Maintain employee personal files on Kahunda campus. 
  • • Maintain a mentoring relationship with Mainsprings residential girls and students. Help diffuse confrontations between children and generally help nature their development. 


  • • Manage and oversee the Kahunda campus budget. 
  • • Oversee daily finances and cash box procedures. 
  • • Create daily financial records and turn into Administrative Director on a weekly basis. 
  • • Collect the managers’ bi-weekly Purchase Orders and upload them to Google Drive before Friday every after fortnight. 


  • • Provide content for Mainsprings’ website and social media outlets to help raise awareness about our mission. 
  • • Create a weekly one-page progress summarizing the weekly departmental plans and accomplishments for the Country Director, Administrative Director and our M&E officer. 

Organizational Development 

  • • Liaise with Central Administration and management team to set campus and departmental goals. 
  • • Lead Staff Professional Development plans on the Kahunda campus. 
  • • Coordinate with Country Director and Central Administration to develop activities for guests visiting the Kahunda campus. Represent the organization to those guests and ensure they have an informed, meaningful visit. 
  • • Coordinate with Country Director and department managers for all government communications (all official government communications must be approved by Country Director with consultation with COO). 

Role Model and Other 

  • • You should implement and maintain a regular activity, club or project with the JBFC girls to foster a strong relationship with our residential girls. 
  • • You should act as a professional that our entire staff and student body can look up to. 
  • • You should be willing to perform other duties as assigned. 

Who we are looking for: 

  • • You are an experienced professional with strong leadership skills and a passion for development. 
  • • You are someone that has a strong attention to detail, is proactive and can work independently. 
  • • You have a background in Education, Administration, Social Work or related field. 
  • • You have experience managing budgets. 
  • • You have at least three years of relevant experience especially in supervising a staff. 
  • • You are a graduate from an accredited university, with at least a bachelor’s degree. 
  • • You have strong verbal and written proficiency in English and Kiswahili. 

You have the cultural fit to work with the team at JBFC if: 

  • • You are passionate about community development and social change and have a strong commitment to dealing with the challenges that come along with it. 
  • • Your passion and experience align with Mainspring’s mission. 
  • • You are value driven and you want to instill strong values to our community. 
  • • You are flexible, able to go with the flow, and good team player. 

Why work with us? 

We are a team of fun and dedicated individuals working together to improve the future of our students, staff and community as a whole. We strive to create a work environment that values personal and professional growth, all while having fun and changing lives. 

Our team has a strong sense of ownership over the organization and everyone has a chance to contribute to the growth of the organization. If you enjoy building connections and seeing the long-term impact of your work, this job is for you. 

Other information: 

  • The start date for this position is slated for 1st September 2019. 
  • This position is full time. 
  • We will agree on a three – months’ probation period with learning and performance goals. 

Want to apply? 

Send your Resume/CV and cover letter to by 31st July 2019.