Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

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JBFC offers many opportunities for the girls to develop and practice their leadership skills. For example, girls are annually elected to serve on Girls’ Government. Additionally, some girls put on various programs at the girls’ home such as spelling bees and debates. 
Recently, Zai, Rachel, Laurencia, and Teddy attended a week-long Leadership Camp in Arusha to learn even more about leadership. The girls traveled with Mama Paulina, one of JBFC’s matrons, by bus to Arusha. The drive took 14 hours! They stayed in a house on The Girls Foundation of Tanzania’s (TGFT) campus.

From 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, the JBFC and TGFT girls attended leadership classes taught by Rwandan teachers. The classes taught the girls how to identify their strengths, seek opportunities, appoint a leader, and respect their values. When they returned home, the girls presented this information to the other JBFC girls. Zai, Rachel, Laurencia, and Teddy also hope to use these new leadership skills in the Girls’ Government and at school.

Zai, Rachel, Laurencia, and Teddy were so thankful for this opportunity and enjoyed their experience in Arusha. Laurencia, Teddy, and Rachel all liked meeting and getting to know the TGFT girls most of all. Teddy noticed they were “confident and charming”. Specifically, Zai revealed that her favorite part of the leadership camp was “getting to know people from Rwanda.” Zai learned that there are more women in Rwanda’s parliament than Tanzania’s.

We can’t wait to see how Zai, Rachel, Laurencia, and Teddy serve as leaders to make a difference in their community!

Guest Blogger Kristen, is JBFC’s Social Media intern for the summer.

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