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With a Journalism degree and a high school career on the newspaper staff under my belt, it was only fitting for me to initiate a Journalism Club at Joseph and Mary Schools.

 A school newspaper and yearbook are such foreign concepts to our students, it took a few weeks to get across what we hope to create.

So we enlisted guests from the United States to bring newspapers and printed copies of yearbook pages over to Tanzania just so we could show the kids what we had in mind. They pored over the pages of the examples we showed them for the entire club period.

We had a photography workshop one day where we split the club into two groups and did a walking tour of campus. The kids stopped and took pictures of things on campus that they could write an article about. The two groups then joined up and told each other what they took pictures of and the seeds of their potential stories. These are the images that caught their eyes.

We held a brainstorming session to choose a school newspaper name and had each student write down a potential name and put it in a ballot box. Watch for the Joseph and Mary Vision, coming to a newsstand near you very soon!

We look forward to two of our ambassadors arriving this week to help us kick off the yearbook project. Our hope is to create a yearbook very similar to what you see in the States. So item number one on the list for them is taking school pictures! Each class, club and individual student and teacher will have their picture taken for the yearbook.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the year, and perhaps even some guest blogging from our Journalism Club. I am so proud of our budding journalists and photographers at Joseph and Mary Schools.

Blogger Melinda Wulf is the faculty sponsor for Joseph & Mary School Journalism Club and the Administrative Director for JBFC.

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