Welcoming Back Visitors

This month and last have been quite busy for us in Tanzania! In the past couple of months, we’ve welcomed over 60 visitors to our campus! From Board Members, their families, and staff, to school groups and PDC course participants, we were so grateful to have our campus filled with people again, learning more about Mainsprings and how we’re focused on ending generational poverty through our work with children and families in Tanzania.

At the end of January, we had our very first-ever Board trip to Tanzania with 6 of our Board Members traveling to both of our campuses. Our Board Members had such a great time meeting many of our Tanzanian staff members and our new Tanzanian Board Member, Malembo (who is also an alumni of our school), as well as being immersed in our many programs and seeing the ways our organization has grown on the ground. For many this was a returning trip, and they were blown away at how much our campus has grown; and for some this was their first time visiting, and they were amazed at the impact Mainsprings has on our communities.

We also welcomed back Deerfield Academy and their global studies group. These students had a great time volunteering at our school, learning about permaculture, and playing sports with the girls and students, all while studying about sustainability and the impact they can have in different global communities.

In February, we also held our fourth International Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course. We got to teach many more people and organizations about restorative agriculture and how to work with nature when farming, along with different techniques that increase food security. These PDC courses have grown exponentially in popularity across all of East Africa with the support of our partners at the Valley Foundation who helped us to create the East African Regenerative Network (EARN).

Throughout these trips, we asked some of our visitors how their experience was, and here’s what they said:

“Meeting all the girls face to face, reading with them and making bracelets was invaluable, absolutely priceless! I connected with staff and felt how strongly they believed in the organization. There was so much pride in what they do! I also firsthand experienced the vast dichotomy visiting some local public schools where the student to teacher ratio is 100 to 1. I now fully understand why our students on both the Kitongo and Kahunda campuses do so well.” -Alice, Board Member

“This experience has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful for all the people I have met!” – Deerfield Student visiting for the first time

“I was very surprised at the level of kindness and gratitude of everyone I met in Tanzania. The Mainsprings campuses are full of beauty in nature and people. I hope to see many of my friends travel here in the future.” – Sandy, US staff member visiting for first time

“Alexis, Alice, André, Malembo, Romy and I [had] a wonderful first-ever Board trip to Mainsprings and we are all glowing with pride. It is astonishing how the Kitongo campus has transformed even in the 6 years since I last visited. I personally feel rejuvenated by this visit and reinvigorated to work even harder toward our goal of ending poverty in rural Tanzania. We have a successful model that is changing lives and I am proud of all that we’ve accomplished together!” -Amy, Board Chair

From Board Members, to visiting students, and other visitor in between, we have heard time and time again that visiting our work in Tanzania and seeing it firsthand is truly the only way to understand the incredible transformations that your support enables. We are so grateful to all of those who have already visited our campus this year and encourage YOU to consider experiencing Mainsprings for yourself in the near future! If you would like to learn more about visiting Mainsprings in Tanzania, contact us at!


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