Transforming Lives Through Education

Transformative Education

Here at Mainsprings, we strive to end generational poverty, and one of the ways we are achieving that goal is by providing a transformative education to the children in our communities. So, what exactly is a transformative education?

To us, a transformative education is an education that focuses on the whole child, not just the academics. By focusing on the whole child, we are not only helping children get a good education, but we are also equipping them with the knowledge and life skills on how to become leaders in their own communities.

One thing we heard over and over when students, parents, teachers, and alumni took part in in-person surveys during the development of Mainsprings’ current strategic plan was that a Mainsprings education is truly transformative and quite different from the education students receive in government schools. Read below to check out some of the things our alumni and teachers had to say about a Mainsprings education!


“At Mainsprings, learning is not just in class. There are extra activities like permaculture, drawing, robotics, keeping animals, and football. And students have the opportunity to choose.” 


“At Mainsprings’ schools, we teach students how to live – not just how to pass exams.”


“Mainsprings’ schools are looking to the future. They prepare students to stand by themselves. The others don’t care much about the kids’ future. They just collect their salaries.”

We have a counselor who provides our students with psychological supports. And every student gets health services – both prevention and care.”


As we are transforming lives through education, we are forever grateful for our supporters like you who make what we do possible.


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