People & Planet + Message from Jane Goodall

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we’re sharing the different ways we care for people and the planet!

Here at Mainsprings, restorative agriculture is one of our main focuses to help end generational poverty in Tanzania. Agriculture is one of the largest economic industries in Tanzania, and many people rely on agriculture for income and food for their families. Over the last decades, industrialized farming methods became very popular in Tanzania and across East Africa. Unfortunately, these methods focus heavily on growing the same single crop year after year, rely on the use of potentially harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and increases soil erosion, water pollution, nutrient deficiencies in the soil, and risk to human health. In the end, this puts a strain on families in rural communities who depend on their farms to feed their family and provide an income.

So what is restorative agriculture and how is Mainsprings using it to help end generational poverty? We’re so glad you asked!

Restorative agriculture incorporates Permaculture farming methods and techniques that work with nature rather than against it, and it helps create sustainable farms to ensure food security. So instead of planting one crop each season, many types of plants and produce are being planted with each other. The nutrients from each plant helps feed each other, keeping the soil rich and improving the quality of the produce grown. Also, with many plants and produce being planted at the same time, water retention is increased and the harvest season is extended, benefiting the farmer to have enough to feed their family and a surplus to sell at the market. And, with the use of compost fertilizers over harmful chemicals, people and families planting the produce, ingesting the food, and breathing in the air around are all less exposed to toxins.

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Interested in learning more about restorative agriculture at Mainsprings? Hear about it first hand from one of our special guests at Tanzanite Nights, Mark Shepard – our lead PDC Course instructor!

EARN helps other organizations across East Africa learn Permaculture and restorative agriculture methods through our Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course. With knowledge they learn on the Mainsprings farm during the course, they are able to go back to their own organizations, implement what they’ve learned in their own gardens and farms, and increase food security in their own communities.

A Message From Jane Goodall

What do Mainsprings and Jane Goodall have in common? Our love for people and the planet! Check out this video of Jane Goodall telling the story of how she became involved with restorative agriculture, and how Mainsprings and EARN are using these sustainable farming methods to change communities across East Africa!

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