Lessons from our PDC Course

PDC Course


This would not be a PDC Course without design. During the design lessons, participants learn how to observe nature and their farming space to work with them versus against them. They find key points in the land, plan sectors for different external factors, study different zones and how that affects plant placement, and plan specific layouts for places that might be prone to floods, droughts, and other natural disasters.


During the lessons on water, participants learn how to harvest water for conservation, learn about water storage, irrigation, how to use gravity to their benefit to capture rainwater, and how to implement waterways into their designs.


When learning about earthworks, participants are taught how to use the earth and its resources to their benefit. They learn how to use an A-frame to find contours on the land and how to create natural swales (or channels) for water drainage and storage.


The lessons on soil cover the soil creation process, and participants learn how soil health affects the roots of plants, how to test soil’s pH levels and balance it with different minerals for what each crop needs, and how to create compost.

Tress & Plants

When learning about trees and plants, participants dive into plant breeding and how to select and breed different plants for different environments. Also, they learn how temperatures, wind, and rain affect various species and how to start their own nursery for different seedlings.

We are so grateful for your support that makes teaching these lessons and more possible. Because of your generosity, Mainsprings and the Valley Foundation can continue to change lives and the planet through EARN (Earth Allies Restoration Network). Thank you for all that you do and for helping us have another successful PDC Course in the books.


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