Kahunda Updates

Things are bustling on our Kahunda campus right now! Earlier this year we completed 7 additional primary school classrooms, and at the beginning of this month we opened up enrollment in our school to the community. You may recall that we have 16 residential girls who have been living on our campus and attending school there since 2019, but this marks a new milestone of being able to open up our school to the larger community with many more grades offered.
Our brand new classrooms can house up to 240 students from preschool through 7th grade. Right now, we have opened up our preschool through 2nd grade classrooms and hope to have 120 students in our classrooms before the end of the year. Daily, community members are bringing their children to this new school, excited about the prospect of a quality education for their little ones. As students enroll and begin classes, we will continue to add grades to this primary school until all 8 grades have been filled.

These new developments are in addition to the 52 pigs, 328 chickens and tons of produce our farm produces! Also, we’ve also almost completed 2 bungalows on the campus so that volunteers will be able to start visiting our second campus as well (as soon as it’s safe to travel).

As always, you make these bright smiles possible! We’re happy to celebrate these new milestones at Kahunda with each of you. Together we are nurturing brighter tomorrows!

As we are transforming lives through education, we are forever grateful for our supporters like you who make what we do possible.


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