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While many of our normal connections through events and volunteers visiting campus haven’t been possible in the last year, we are celebrating that we have had the opportunity to create several new global partnerships! Today we’d like to share with you some updates about two of these partnerships–including our photo being featured on the cover of Revolve magazine in March!

John Liu, the founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps visited our campus last February for our International Permaculture Design Course. He immediately saw a connection between our Permaculture Institute of Tanzania work and his foundation. Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) works to provide hope and brighter futures by repairing broken ecosystems around the world. We were designated as one of their official camp partners this past fall. This partnership allows us access to their global network of trainers and experts, and also opens up additional funding opportunities for expansion. This partnership is helping us spread the word about Mainsprings and our mission. In March, ERC is partnering with European magazine, Revolve, for a special issue on sustainable ecosystems. We were selected out of 22 ERC camps to be featured on the cover of that issue, coming out March 16th!

Child-Help International also connected with Mainsprings through our Permaculture Design Course. At the time, they had a House of Hope based in Mwanza, about 45 minutes from us. These Houses of Hope, which can be found around the world, take care of parents and children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus before and after surgery. They inform, support, and strengthen the parents and facilitate contact with the care providers. Many parents must travel long distances for their children to receive these surgeries and need a safe place to receive support and recover before and after their hospital stay.

Studies show that these birth defects can be related to malnutrition, an ongoing challenge for subsistence farmers farming only one crop. Child-Help hopes to tackle the challenges of malnutrition caused by poor farming techniques while helping these children and families to recover by teaching sustainable agriculture practices that produce an abundance in both yield and variety and preventing these birth defects to begin with in the future.
Child Help International approached us because they were looking for a location that had a more sanctuary-like feel, a working permaculture farm, and an opportunity for kids to go to school and parents to receive education and support during recovery.
Last year, Child Help International purchased a 4-acre plot adjacent to our Kitongo campus and began construction on House of Hope: Kitongo which will be able to house up to 24 families at a time. Just this last week, they welcomed their first families in the newly completed home! We’re thrilled to be able to share our campus as a sanctuary for these families facing surgery and recovery and to share our farm as a classroom for families to go home better equipped for brighter tomorrows.

These new partnerships are just a few of our bright spots in 2021. It's your support that makes growth and new opportunities like these a possibility and helps expand our mission to a more global scale. Because of you, the future for so many is bright!


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