Expanding Our Horizons

Our new mission statement:

"We strive to end generational poverty in rural Tanzania by providing children and families with transformative education, training in restorative agriculture and caring support."

Summer is just about to begin and exciting things are happening at Mainsprings—we’re expanding our horizons!

As you may know, during the last few years as the world had slowed down, we took the opportunity to reflect and evaluate the work that we do and the impact we make. Through this evaluation, we focused on answering what aspects of achieving our mission had the greatest impact in our communities and how do we cultivate a plan that would help us expand those aspects to reach even more people. After much research and counsel, we’ve fine-tuned our mission and goals to better meet the needs of people in our communities and beyond, and we have begun implementing them!

These goals not only help us become more sustainable as an organization but also will allow us to reach thousands of more people all across East Africa, while honing in on what we do best—transformative education and restorative agriculture.

So why transformative education and restorative agriculture? Throughout the process of our research, we discovered that Mainsprings’ transformative education and restorative agriculture were deemed most valuable to our communities that we serve. The difference between a standard classroom with 100 unfed students, five at each desk meant only for one, and one teacher assigned to the whole class, versus a Mainsprings’ classroom with 30 students per class, access to STEM curriculum, two free meals each day, and training in critical thinking, problem solving, and rural enterprise is life-changing. The same is for the standard agriculture practices that lead to small harvests and little income for families, versus Mainsprings‘ restorative agriculture that increases produce variety, improves soil quality, extends harvest seasons which benefits farmers with a surplus to sell at the markets, and increases sustainability and food security. The Mainsprings difference is empowering students and families and transforming lives!

While we focus more on transformative education and restorative agriculture, this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the other aspects of who we are. Our girls’ homes will still be a place where the most vulnerable girls in rural Tanzania can have a loving home, experience a safe childhood, and be empowered, and our clinic will still serve our entire community with healthcare and seminars. These aspects are and will continue to be part of the ways we transform lives in Tanzania, and we’re so excited to expand our horizons, reach even more people, and transform even more lives though transformative education and restorative agriculture!

As we are transforming lives through education, we are forever grateful for our supporters like you who make what we do possible.


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