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Guest blogger Megan Johnson, of Bellingham, Washington, visited JBFC’s campus in Tanzania more than a year ago, but her friendship with the girls continues. And she’s helping them build better lives with beads and bracelets.
Our bracelet making began as a fundraiser for my senior project. My objectives were to volunteer, raise money, and teach the children volleyball at JBFC. Before my mom and I left for our visit to Kitongo in December 2011, we began making handmade leather bracelets which we sold to our friends, family, and colleagues. Part of the money raised was used to purchase volleyballs, a volleyball net, school supplies, and treats for the girls. The rest of the money was donated to JBFC.

My mom and I had so much fun making the bracelets, so we thought the girls would enjoy making them as well. On our trip, we brought leather and beads and spent a fun filled day making custom handmade bracelets with each of the girls. It was so much fun to see the excitement in their faces as they picked out their colors and beads and then created their own unique design. They did such a great job, being very creative, and they all looked so beautiful! During our ten day visit we got to know the girls’ very well, spending hours playing volleyball, soccer, arts and crafts, reading, and doing projects. Even doing every day chores was always more fun than it was work when doing them with the girls. We had such a great time and fell in love with everyone at JBFC, especially the children! So much so that upon our return home we decided that we wanted to continue our involvement with JBFC and join the Ambassador program.                                          
Vene, 11, needs treatment for what doctors
suspect may be scoliosis.
When we heard about Vene needing surgery, we wanted to do whatever we could to help. With the success of the bracelets, we decided to continue to make them and donate all our proceeds in hopes of some of the profits going towards Vene’s operation. We also wanted some of the profits to help each of the girls as well, as they were all so special to us. We continue to have an overwhelming response with our bracelets as people love the meaning behind the gift, as with each bracelet comes a card explaining where the profits go and the JBFC website.
It was a trip of a lifetime, one we will never forget and hope to do again!  Thanks to everyone involved with this wonderful organization, and to all the people who have bought and donated money for our bracelets. 
Guest Blogger Megan Johnson with JBFC Girls
If you would like to join Megan as a JBFC Ambassador, click here to find out how you can make a difference and grow our mission to end extreme rural poverty in Tanzania.
To find out more about volunteering at JBFC, click here.

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