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Two and a half years ago, JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School didn’t exist.

Today, we hosted our 2nd annual 7thgrade graduation ceremony, which featured our largest class ever walking across the courtyard with diplomas.
7th Grade Graduate Procession
JBFC’s Joseph & Mary’s 7th Grade Graduating Class
I am so proud of our 26 graduates, who skipped the fall break from classes in order to study hard for the Tanzanian national exams. We don’t know the results yet, but today we celebrated their determination and drive. They’ve done what many Tanzanian students fail to do – finish primary school.

Joseph & Mary 2nd Graders Perfomed
And we had a wonderful celebration with our students and parents. We hired a DJ for the event to give our students a treat. The JBFC choir performed. And some of the most touching moments came from our 2nd graders who created a song and a poem to say good-bye to the 7th grade. It was inspiring to see the younger students really looking up to their older peers, knowing one day they could be graduating also.

7th Grade’s Most Disciplined Student
The Joseph & Mary teaching staff handed out awards for the most disciplined student, most improved student, best dressed, top athlete and outstanding leader.JBFC residential girl, Pili, was chosen by her classmates to give the class speech. And Mzee Kitula, JBFC’s campus manager and Kitongo community elder, spoke to the children about the importance of education.
Pili preparing for her speech.
For the Tanzanian children who actually make it through primary school, this is often the end of their education. According to the UN, participation in secondary school in Tanzania is 26 percent and even lower for girls. Thanks to our generous donors, JBFC is able to offer secondary education
So we hope to continue to break down barriers in Tanzanian education, by admitting our largest secondary class to date in 2013.

Congratulations to our 7th Grade! We are so very proud of you!
Chris Gates with JBFC School Staff
 Chris Gates is the Founder and Executive Director of JBFC.

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