An Ocean Without Shores

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Guest blogger & JBFC Board President, Kristin Bender, visited JBFC last summer and had an inspiring night with some of JBFC’s older girls as they shared their dreams and aspirations.

My daughter Torie and I spent several weeks at JBFC this summer. Torie first went to JBFC in the summer of 2007 and spent every subsequent summer there, and even Christmas one year. But life and studies intervened and she had not been to the campus for over two years. Needless to say she was both excited and overwhelmed at the many changes on campus—the new dorms, the Secondary School, Papa’s and the bungalows. But she was especially moved by the changes in the girls—how they have grown and matured into beautiful, caring and confident young women. 

We spent one very special night with our Form 2 girls. Torie and I hosted a dinner for them at Papa’s. What we wanted to do was to spend time with them and talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. So we went around the group and asked them to tell us their favorite subjects in school, and also what they envision for themselves and their lives. I would like to share their responses:

Liku: Her favorite subjects are history and geography, and she would like to be a teacher. 
Pelu: Her subjects are civics and language and she would like to be a lawyer.

Vero: Her favorite subjects are geography, civics and history, and she would like to be a journalist.

Ana: Her favorite subjects are history, geography, civics and languages. Ana would like to be either a weather forecaster or a designer.

Eliza: Her favorite subjects are chemistry, biology, geography and civics. Eliza would like to be an administrator.

Sophie: Her favorite subjects are math, physics, biology and chemistry. Sophie would like to be a doctor.

Nyamarwa: English, history and civics are her favorite subjects. Nymarwa would like to be either a teacher at a secondary school or a nurse.
Imelda: Chemistry, history, language and civics are her favorite subjects. Imelda would like to become a lawyer. 

Torie and I were so excited to hear about the dreams our JBFC girls have for their lives. We shared with them that all of us in the JBFC family will do all that we can to help their dreams become a reality. 
There is a Swahili proverb that says: “Knowledge is like an ocean without shores….”

Through education, and the loving support of family, our girls can imagine and dream, and know that there are endless possibilities for their lives.

“Elima ni kama bahir haina sahili….”

Kristin Bender has served as JBFC’s Board President for two terms. She (along with two of her daughters) have visited JBFC’s campus in Tanzania several times.

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