7th Grade Graduation 2017

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On Friday, October 13th, 2017, Mainsprings and the Joseph and Mary Schools celebrated the graduation of our 7th class of primary school students. This year, 16 girls and 14 boys sat for their national exams and graduated from the 7th Grade at the Joseph and Mary Primary School. This class included four residential girls- Zai, Salome, Vene, and Rachel- from Bibi Mimi’s Girls Home.

The ceremony, which was planned by our Dean of Students, Mr. Samo, and the Joseph and Mary School Committee, took place in the school dining hall from 10:00AM until 1:00PM. The event was attended by various government officials and community leaders, including our village chairperson, Ward Education Officer, District Social Welfare Officer, and the District Sports Officer, among others.

As with any good Tanzanian ceremony, the event featured nearly two full hours of entertainment. Students from preschool through 6th grade performed various skits, poems, and songs to wish the graduates well. Bibi Mimi’s residential girls Neema, Happy, Leticia, and Zai performed an incredible rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire.” Zai, sitting at the graduates’ table, made a dramatic stage-left entrance while singing, taking the whole dining hall by surprise.

The grand finale of entertainment was a first-ever fashion show put on by Joseph and Mary Secondary School students. The fashion show featured students wearing different types of dress depicting various aspects of Tanzanian culture. The last two students, wearing a suit and a wedding dress and having a mock wedding ceremony, received roaring applause from the other students, parents, invited guests, Mainsprings staff, and the Guest of Honor. Following the fashion show, the Guest of Honor, Magu District Director, Lutengano Mwalwiba, requested an encore performance of “Girl On Fire” with the students in their fashion show outfits.

After the entertainment, various members of our school’s leadership team spoke about the history of the school, challenges facing our community, and giving advice to the soon-to-be secondary students. The Honorable Mr. Mwalwiba spoke directly to the students, advising them to listen to their parents and role models, value the education they are receiving at Joseph and Mary, to work hard, and avoid bad groups of friends. Mr. Mwalwiba also praised the holistic approach and services that Mainsprings is doing and promised to lend his full support to our efforts. Lastly, Mr. Mwalwiba spoke to the importance of educating girls in our community and giving girls equal support to boys.

Following the speeches, members of Mainsprings leadership team, government officials and community leaders handed out “superlative” awards to various graduates for achievements in academics, leadership, sports, activism, etc. The highlight of the day, of course, was the giving of the diplomas. Mainsprings Administrative Director Melinda Wulf, Campus Director-Kahunda Mr. Lyimo, and C.O.O. Seth Diemond, joined Magu’s District Director Mr. Mwalwiba to hand out the diplomas certifying the graduates’ achievements. Congratulations to all of them!

What would a graduation be without food? Following the ceremony, nearly 700 students, staff, and visitors enjoyed a meal of rice, beans, pilau, meat, vegetables, and soda before heading to Papa’s Cafe and Bungalows for pictures! It was a great day for all!

Guest Blogger, Seth Diemond, is Mainsprings’ COO in Tanzania. 

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