2012 JBFC Olympics

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JBFC catches Olympics fever, going for gold on its campus in Kitongo, Tanzania. Hundreds of students at JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School participated in an Olympics-themed field day last week.

Students were assigned to represent eight different countries in nine different games. While some of the events were modeled after Olympic sports like the long jump…

…while other activities you would never see at the London games. Students teamed up for three-legged races, hopped to the finish line in sack races and tried to stay dry in a water balloon toss.

But the day wasn’t all fun and games. All of the
participants had to research the country they were representing and draw paper replicas of their flags, which were worn during the games. Form 1 (8th
Grade) and Form 2 (9th grade) students gave presentations detailing each country’s population, geographic area and culture.

For more pictures, check out our JBFC Olympics Photo Album on our facebook page. 

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