Tanzanite Nights


the transformative power of education at Mainsprings in Tanzania


to Tanzania on our live-auction safari and see the Mainsprings campus first-hand


the farm-fresh meals of Tanzanian cuisine


the thousands of children and their families empowered and lifted from poverty through your support

Because of you, Mainsprings is nurturing brighter tomorrows in two communities in Tanzania, transforming the lives of thousands of children and their families, helping them realize what it means to live a life out of poverty.

Our schools, clinic, farms, and residential programs are continuing to grow, empowering our own villages while serving as a successful model for other communities across the region. Join us for an evening celebrating Mainsprings, especially our work in education with wonderful food, live auction, fun activities and heartwarming stories of the lives that are being changed.

Tickets: $100 each

Moja Patron: $500
2 Seats at Tanzanite Nights
+ 2 Patron Party Tickets

Mbili Patron: $1,000
Half Table at Tanzanite Nights (4 Seats)
+ 2 Patron Party Tickets

Tatu Patron: $2,000
Full Table at Tanzanite Nights (8 Seats)
+ 4 Patron Party Tickets

APRIL 14, 2018
6:30 PM

2488 E. 81st ST, TULSA

With two campuses, Mainsprings provides a top quality education for both boys and girls, refuge for vulnerable girls, access to healthcare, and economic stability through permaculture—ultimately ensuring that no child is forced to live a life of extreme poverty.

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PO Box 4541
Tulsa, OK 74159