our mission

Mainsprings believes no child should have to grow up in extreme poverty. That’s why we take a holistic approach to change in East Africa by providing REFUGE for abused and abandoned girls, quality primary and secondary EDUCATION, access to rural HEALTHCARE, and economic opportunity through PERMACULTURE.

Mainsprings is devoted to effecting change throughout the entire community, for both children and adults, realizing that an entire community needs to be prosperous in order to ensure no child has to live a life of extreme poverty.

Ending poverty - one child, one community at a time.

We strive to end generational poverty in rural Tanzania by providing children and families with transformative education, training in restorative agriculture, and caring support.

Our Vision

Deliver a transformative education for children

Support their families to move out of extreme poverty

Establish profitable
rural markets

Our Programs

Transformative Education

Each Mainsprings student receives a high-quality K-12 education that transforms their lives for the better. Their experience is academically rigorous, develops critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills.


Changemaker families are at the heart of Mainsprings’ commitment to end the cycle of generational poverty. These carefully vetted families partner with Mainsprings and one another to pursue education and restorative agriculture.

Restorative Agriculture

Mainsprings offers a viable alternative: an approach known as “restorative agriculture” that optimizes nutrients and rainfall and leads to a rich variety of fruits and vegetables, more abundant harvests, and a healthier, more resilient ecosystem.

Campus Hubs

Mainsprings has two campuses in the Lake Victoria region of Tanzania. Our Kitongo campus shows what is possible while our Kahunda campus shows it is replicable.

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